Standard Puzzlemats

These are the same mats we use and recommend for larger at home training areas

BOB - Body Opponent Bag

Even though he's not a full body, and he's not a bag, and he's not necessarily an opponent; in some cases he's quite friendly if shown a little respect. Regardless, they needed an acronym, so there you have it. No serious at-home dojo would be complete without his mug.

BOB XL - Basically, Bob with pants

Bob with pants (BobXL) allows for some additional striking area and lets you train a larger range of kicks without risk of injury or damage to the base. Same mug though.

Wave Master

The original wave master, althought it has no handsome face, is versatile and convenient for a variety of at-home training drills

Puzzlemats for Kids

These mats are smaller and easier to maneuver for smaller and less dedicated training areas that quickly need to be converted from dojo back to living room